Day 4: 5x5 Challenge - Expiration dates.

Four days in, not posting would make me feel guilty. But time-intensive posting also will induce guilt. So here I post quickly. Meaning finding five snaps—no formatting—and spending five minutes on the EXECUTION of the writing.

5 Snapshots: 

5 Minutes:
It's raining. Truly raining. Not sprinkling (a Western PA term that a friend on Facebook just reminded me is a really weird and gross way of saying light rain showers). I just want to lie and listen to it, maybe read until it's really, really late. But there is lots of laundry to be done. Because no one has any clean socks around here. It's sandals season. But tomorrow's relay day so Jules wants to wear his sneakers. I could dig through baskets for a matching pair—but I've been at that for weeks so it seems time to dive in and attack the problem head-on.

We keep accumulating stuff. And more stuff. It seems that half of my life now is about managing this stuff—mostly unsuccessfully. I never used to be into flowers. They die. They're here and gone. What's the point? I used to think. Now I know: That's exactly the point. It's obvious when it's time to toss wilting blooms, or rotting broccoli, into a compost pile. There's of none of that purgatory holding-on like I tend to do with clothes that are in 62% flattering and look brand new or 96% flattering and starting to fray—or with mugs that aren't my favorite but they're just a few spots away. You acquire them, you appreciate them, you share their goodness and when they've expired, you're grateful for the sustenance that brought you. But you don't hang on. You move on.

(PS: The Danmade mug is not in the purgatory pile and never will be. If forced to make a choice, I would donate every other mug I own and drink from this cup every single day. Olin: Don't get any ideas.)