Day 5 of 5x5: Cool connections

I'm breaking my 5x5 Creative Challenge streak. Sorta.

Here's 1 snap:

And a 1-ish minute writing exercise:
I love interconnectedness. I love that pictured here with this Dirty Mayor cider is another 5x5ing friend and a friend who might 5x5 before the month's end. I love that the might-5x5 friend, a writer, randomly met another writer friend in a Brooklyn hallway years ago and, yesterday, made the connection that I knew her too because I liked a FB picture of her kid hanging with Tony Danza. I dig the awesome synchronicity of the fact that, just two weeks ago, I spoke on the phone with a dear friend of the writer-friend that still lives in Brooklyn—the mom of the "Tony Danza kid"—because she's soon moving to Burlington. From Virginia. And she's a writer too.

I think I just racked up five intergalactic connections. So I'm gonna count this post as a creative success. Over and out.