With Minimal Shoving aims to... 

  • Inspire healthy eating, happy interactions, and general good living, with minimal shoving (like, down people's throats)
  • Encourage competitive kids to cooperate and cook together, with minimal shoving (like, can we go an entire baking session without one brother shoving the other off a chair?)
  • Serve up healthful eating options, with minimal shoving (like, without pushing aside fun and adventures to spend hours and hours shopping and chopping and such—we're all busy and life's too short)

Nicci Micco is...

Nicci is a content director, editor, copywriter, health and wellness journalist, content marketer, content strategist, blogger, creative director, fact-checker, scientific journal paper author“the talent” (outlier role). Depends on the project. Clearly, she likes to mix things up. She has a master’s degree in nutrition, with a focus in behavior change, and is a certified yoga teacher. She likes running (not so fast) and recently has mastered snowboarding without crying. She lives in Vermont with her husband, two kids, two cats, and an incredibly charming pup named Yo Biden.

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